Family boating: yachting with your beloved ones


Family boating: yachting with your beloved ones

Family boating: yachting with your beloved ones

Family boating: yachting with your beloved ones

Family vacation is most often associated with a comfortable hotel, where the staff will take care of your every whim, and children of any age will find entertainment to their liking. However, there is an excellent alternative – Family boating, a small vacation on board a yacht with the family.

Given the current situation with significant restrictions due to the pandemic, this trend is gaining more and more popularity. Firstly, you do not depend on the rules that you accepted just yesterday and can safely continue on board your yacht. And secondly, joint entertainment and being on board of all family members, of course, are only beneficial.

Now you just need to decide which yacht is suitable for such a vacation and what to do on it! If this is a couple who are planning to get out on a weekend to get away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, a compact cruiser will do. On it you can go to explore the coastal area or stop in a paradise cove to sunbathe and swim. A kitchenette and a cabin on the lower deck are a great addition to stay on board overnight.

For families with children, yachts with cabins and full bathrooms should be considered. This option is literally a must if you are planning long-distance transitions, and for ordinary walks, a cabin will not hurt. On board such boats, if necessary, you can spend the night, hide from the weather, or prepare not only a modest barbecue, but also a full lunch and dinner. Of course, it is worth taking care of a stock of food – meals should be regular and satisfying, since all family members will definitely need strength after swimming or diving. The surrounding nature fosters unity and often brings a pleasant atmosphere of relaxation and adventure. What could be better than to sit on the couch and watch the sunset, and then count the stars with a glass of wine, and start the morning with measured yoga.

If learning Zen is not part of your plans, then active water sports are the most exciting experience that will surely impress both adults and children. Larger yachts often have a bathing platform that doubles as a beach club and starting point for snorkelling, diving, jet skiing and more. Also, on board such yachts, the garage can accommodate underwater tugs, scooters, paddleboarding boards and much more.

As entertainment, you should definitely not plan active games – the space on the yacht is usually limited, and the risk of injury or falling overboard is great. The best option would be board games in the evenings, and special inflatable pools, pontoons and slides will be great fun for children, but with enhanced security measures. Either way, swimming and sea air will provide significant health benefits. Even if the whole family is sunbathing on spacious mattresses, lazy sunbathing will be a pleasant addition to active rest.

A yacht vacation with your family is a great combination of comfort and active recreation, which are combined in one adventure. Even with the smallest members of the family, it is easy to travel on a yacht – just follow a few precautions.