Maintenance for yachts and boats in Ukraine: Marine house «Arcadia»

Tech support


We provide full service yachts. At your request, our experts fly to anywhere in the world. Due to our status as an official representative, we are able to quickly order and deliver the necessary components.

Warranty obligations of the shipyard will be necessarily specified in the construction contract. The shipyard during the warranty period ensures the elimination of all possible breakdowns and defects. We provide full support to the owner of the yacht of all shipyard warranty obligations.


Technical support and survey

Development of the construction project and professional control over each stage of the construction of the yacht. Monitoring compliance by the shipyard with all necessary standards and possible changes to the project.

When purchasing a new boat or yacht, you must clearly understand its technical condition. We will professionally make a survey of any yacht, at your request, before making a purchase / sale transaction.

To enjoy your yacht or boat, you need a good technical condition. We accompany and check your yacht so that you are sure of it and can rely on the independent opinion of experts.