Superyachts’ underwater lounges


Superyachts’ underwater lounges

Superyachts’ underwater lounges

Superyachts’ underwater lounges

With the rapid development of technology, modern yachts never cease to amaze. Metal is being replaced by composite super-strong materials that open up new opportunities for yacht constructions. Thank to underwater lounges you can enjoy breathtaking marine views from the board of superyachts.

What is an underwater lounge?

The underwater lounge, also known as the Nemo lounge, is a place on board with portholes below the waterline. Simply put, it is a unique luxury yacht zone that promises an exceptional experience for the guests. Typically, the walls of underwater lounges are made of laminated and heavy-duty glass. Panoramic windows take up space from ceiling to floor and cover both the underwater part and the above water part. Hence, guests can enjoy spectacular views of fish, sea anemones and algae overgrown driftwood passing by. The underwater lounge itself is most often designed in a minimalist style. Large semicircular sofas and a cocktail bar area are included. Here are some of the most amazing super yachts with Nemo lounges:

Nemo lounges by Abeking & Rasmussen

Abeking & Rasmussen is a German shipyard that has been engaged in shipbuilding lot of decades. The ‘Elandess’ won four interior and exterior design awards last year. Here you can see unique Nemo lounge, which gives the yacht a special chic and creates an indescribable atmosphere of luxury and discovery. The dark blue double-row seats allow you to watch the “underwater theater” live through the huge windows that are 3 meters high and 10 centimeters thick. Special underwater lighting enhances the seascape experience at night.


The shipyard also managed to present another concept called SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull). The five-deck expedition vessel will be designed for 166 guests, so it can be used as a full-fledged cruise ship. The vessel is 95 meters long and 35 meters wide. There are two lounges here: the Nemo lounge with underwater panoramas, and the Dolphin lounge in the bow of the boat. The last one allows observing whales and dolphins passing by. The bright plum sofas fit perfectly into the monochrome design of the lounge and contrast with the black mirrored panels and the illuminated floor.

Striking superyacht Feadship Savannah

This yacht immediately destroys the canons of yacht building. There are no usual white hulls, external stairs or a dining table on the main deck here. Feadship and Cristina Gherardi Design, together with the owner of the vessel, have created the largest hybrid yacht that does not fall under any molds. One of the reasons why the yacht is so authentic and striking is that Cristina Gherardi did not specialize in yacht design. Instead, she was into luxury goods trade. Constantly moving from Paris to New York, then to Milan and back to Paris, Christina found new ways to use historic buildings. Today, the world does not stop talking about Feadship Savannah.


In addition to the extraordinary design, the yacht surprises with an original interior layout and sophisticated lighting scheme. The Nemo lounge with panoramic windows catches up attention as well. The glass “wall” in the hull provides guests to observe what is happening both under and above the water in real time. Cozy sofas, black mirrored ceilings and soft ivory carpets – all this not only allows you to comfortably observe the marine life but use this space as a cinema with the hidden screen.

Cruise ship line from Ponant

The Ponant yacht line includes four unique models: Le Champlain, Le Bougainville, Le Dumont-d’Urville and Le Lapérouse. Each of these ships has seven decks and 92 cabins, with a total capacity of 200 passengers. Each ship has infinity pools, solariums and, of course, underwater lounges. They are located on the lower deck offering magnificent panoramic views of the sea depths. Guests can enjoy the beauty of the Panama Canal, the Great Barrier Reef and the Indian Ocean.


The futuristic design of the lounge is replete with curved lines and peculiar white furniture. Neon blue illumination seems to both transfer guests to a spaceship and plunge into the depths of the sea. The central spiral staircase underlines the contrast between minimalistic and sophisticated items that characterize the entire design of the yacht. Frameless glazing stretches in a continuous line and creates the illusion of infinity.


The underwater lounges allow you to enjoy the beauty of the seabed, regardless of the weather and water temperature. Isn’t that wonderful? Which yacht did you like the most? Would you prefer a superyacht with nemo lounge to a dive on submarine?