12 “cool” must-haves on the boat


12 “cool” must-haves on the boat

12 “cool” must-haves on the boat

12 “cool” must-haves on the boat

The first thing you should take with you when you are going to have a cruise is a charge of vivacity, good mood and great company. Having dealt with these points, you can continue the preparation more thoroughly. If you have collected all the essentials, but you are still left with the feeling that something is missing, Yachts Review invites you to familiarize yourself with an overview of cool, but at the same time very necessary things that will come in handy on a long and not very long voyage.

Pet life jacket

Great news for pet owners, there is no more need to urgently look for overexposure for your beloved pet or book a place in a hotel, you can take it with you on a yacht trip. And in order not to worry about its safety, just put on a special life jacket. Life jacket, as in the case of a person, is selected according to the size of the animal, and there is a special handle on the back, with which it will be convenient to get the pet out of the water. Preference should be given to bright colors in order to better see it in the water. Reflective elements here will not be superfluous, in case if swimming will continue until twilight.

Pet water steps

Another great invention that will make your cruise more comfortable if you are not ready to part with your pets,  is a boat ladder (or stairs). A simple but very convenient device will help the dog easily return to the yacht or jump into the water whenever it wants, without bothering the owner to run up (or swim up) to the stern every time to help with this. Helping your pet to get on or off the boat is advised in any case tho. Even if you think that the dog swims very well.

 Underwater drone

We got used to the idea that any beauty can be captured from a bird’s eye view with a quadcopter. Beautiful landscapes, sporting events, concerts, even events in the air can now be captured with no obstacles. And what about fans of underwater photography and sea depths? Divers have not spared innovative ideas either; in the last couple of years first prototypes have begun to appear, and today they are already full-fledged underwater drones. They can move up and down, sideways, avoid obstacles, take photos and videos. You can control the drone remotely from a tablet or by connecting it to your smartphone (it depends on the configuration of the model).

You should take into account such characteristics as weight, length of the cable connecting the drone to the remote control (they can be 15, 100, and even 400 meters), speed and battery when choosing a drone. On average, the battery can hold a charge up to two hours, but the option of purchasing an additional unit is available and the charge will be enough for 4 hours.


Obviously, this device measures wind speed. If the old anemometers were two bowls, which spun the wind in proportion to its speed, then modern devices can transmit data directly to smartphones. And they are definitely always at hand. When the captain asks: “How many knots are blowing?” – you can quickly give an accurate answer. Moreover, in addition to speed, modern devices also show wind direction, temperature, humidity, and can predict the weather. Basically, a useful thing for cruising.

Waterproof document pouch

This stuff does not need a detailed description. If the documents are not laminated, they can get wet and deteriorate. Anything happens at sea. Storm, flooded cockpit, and here the bag was left unattended and opened… You can also put into the pouch your electronics, a telephone and other various valuable things. In short, it is better not to neglect it.

 Keychain with whistle and minicompass

We recall the first two points and put this device in our pocket: it certainly will not take up much space, but it can bring a lot of benefit. The whistle will help attract the attention of a pet that has sailed far from the boat. And in communicating with the crew it will help you not to break your voice while trying to get someone’s attention.

Snap tool for covers and awnings

 All ingenious is simple. And thanks to such a simple invention fingers and nails will remain safe and sound. How many crippled hands have been seen by several generations of seafarers. This tool works on either outside and inside snaps. Also it will work both for right-handers and left-handers.

Binoculars with image stabilization

If your cruise is in the best traditions of Jules Vernes’ stories, then looking at the islands and lands just holding binoculars in your hands is not a good idea, trembling hands and rocking of the ship will distort the picture so much that it is simply impossible to see what is in the distance at high magnification. There are two ways out: either a tripod for binoculars or a stabilizer. It will cost several times more, binoculars with image stabilization are classified as professional optics, but you can distinguish a seagull from an albatross using it. Suddenly you will want to do photo hunting right in the open sea.

Bose sunglasses

Bose Frames is a new and entertaining development that combines the function of sunglasses and wireless headphones at the same time. Miniature speakers are built into the bow of the glasses, while no one will know if suddenly you will start to listen to the nostalgic melodies of Utesov peering into the depths of the sea. The sound from the glasses is audible only to their wearer. The glasses are connected to the phone through the application and thanks to the microphone you can receive calls or make voice commands.

Solar charger

A portable solar panel for charging your phone will become an indispensable attribute on long trips, especially if there is no way to recharge it on the boat. You no longer need to worry about spare batteries. A couple more advantages: the charger is lightweight, compact, waterproof, and the process is environmentally friendly.

Waterproof LED-flashlight

 Led lighting is replacing all other types of lamps in many areas of human life, whether it is street lighting in metropolitan areas or portable pocket lights. Its illumination is many times better and brighter and the eyes do not strain so much in the dark in an attempt to make out the desired object. Make sure you have a couple of these lights on hand when boarding the boat. Also the waterproof options should be chosen that it could make up service in a severe storm.

Rescue lock knife

On a yacht ride ropes or fishing line or seaweed can often wind up on the screws. In order not to overshadow your trip with an unplanned parking, quality knives will come in handy for trimming unnecessary items. It is worth paying attention to these three options from Whitby: LK260, RK10 / OR and DK1728 / Y. They are made of stainless steel and have hook ends to tackle the trickiest of ropes.