Modern classics and innovations in interior: the main trends of 2021


Modern classics and innovations in interior: the main trends of 2021

Modern classics and innovations in interior: the main trends of 2021

Modern classics and innovations in interior: the main trends of 2021

Trends in interior design are constantly changing. Some of them become modern classics, but others can be forgotten the next year. No one will deny that 2020 was significantly different from everything that happened before. People all around the world started to spend much more time at home, that is why the problem of functional, but at the same time, nice space is extremely acute today.

Here are some main ideas, which will be prevailing at interiors in 2021. 

Comfort above all

The events of the past year forced us to take a closer look at spaces, where we had to spend so much time. First of all home furnishings and personal yachts interiors must be usable and functional.  

Designers believe that in 2021 one of the principal trends will be comfort in the widest sense of this world. Interior designer Sheila Bridges emphasizes that “well-being and resilience are in priority now”. 

Imagine fluffy and soft furniture, natural wood and bookshelves with your favorite novels. Due to the pursuit to comfort and coziness the reimagining of old furniture will also be popular. Vintage dressers on tiny legs, hinged tables, drinks trolleys from the last century 20s — all of this stuff will be found its place in our houses again, thinks Charu Gandhi.

Natural materials   

Using natural and eco-friendly materials — this is an established gold standard for interiors, which is not be going to lose its relevance. Wood, leather, linen, suede, cotton, wool, rattan, and bamboo — all of these materials are allowing to make a stylish and cozy interior, and also suiting to conscious consumption and nature care trends.  

Various textures are remaining an important accent of a stylish interior. Designers suggest experiments with paint and textured plaster to give space some highlights. 

The final focusing point in the interior made with natural materials in neutral colors can be green plants and flowers.   

Multi functionality

The pandemic made many of us ponder about the functionality of limited space. We have to work, relax, make fun and doing sports at home. The trend which was widely used in yachts interior design is gaining popularity on land now.

Multifunctional furniture provides flexibility and versatility. Designers plan to use freestanding rule which allows swapping furniture and decor in case of your desire or need. Perfect symmetry is giving way to relaxed elegance.

Open spaces which effortlessly combine dining area, rest zone, and place for fitness are a very good example of multi functionality. Such a decision is especially popular with yachts owners.

Closeness to nature   

Also, the past year emphasized the importance of existence comfortable outdoor spaces. Now designers want to pay more attention to informal terraces, balconies, and backyards.

We shall not ignore the big windows trend too. It causes good light and allows using beautiful landscapes as additional decor.

For yachts exterior, this tendency means even more attention to the decoration of upper decks, beach clubs, and outdoor descent to the water. So in this case will be creating a real lounge zone with a bar, sun loungers, and a pool.