Best yachting destinations in the Mediterranean. Part 1


Best yachting destinations in the Mediterranean. Part 1

Best yachting destinations in the Mediterranean. Part 1

Best yachting destinations in the Mediterranean. Part 1

The Mediterranean is unbeatable for its choice of beautiful yachting destinations to visit on your holiday on yacht.

Here is part two of our favourite locations for you to add to your holiday wish list.

Balearic Islands – Spain

The Balearic Islands are a must-see for all who sail the Mediterranean Sea. They are home to the widest variety of landscapes and fun you might find in the area.

Ibiza and Formentera Islands

Formentera is located 6 kilometers south of Ibiza.
If Ibiza can be called the “Queen of the Parties”, then Formentera is its complete opposite. Despite its close proximity to Ibiza, Formentera provides a very different holiday. People come here for the sake of delightful beaches with white sand and clear turquoise water, for relaxation, clean air and barefoot walks under the stars.


Mallorca is one of the best spots in the Med and that position is very well-earned. It is home of an amazing juxtaposition of some of the best beaches you´ll ever see, sheltered coves, Moorish and Roman remains and limestone mountains. You won´t regret dropping your anchor in this island.


You will not find a single highrise building here – the entire island is a nature reserve. Here time flows slowly, as if basking under the rays of the gentle sun, and the sky and the sea are so piercingly azure that you cannot understand where one ends and another begins. This is a piece of paradise on earth, to which you will certainly want to return,having been there once.


This is a Balkan country that is made of medieval villages and amazing Adriatic-coastline beaches. While you sail the Mediterranean Sea, you can see glacial lakes, limestone peaks and the breath-taking Tara River Canyon which is 1km+ deep.

Kotor Bay (Boka Bay), Montenegro

Boka Bay is the largest and most picturesque bay of the Adriatic Sea. This is truly a miracle of nature: many beautiful bays, ancient cities on the coast, high rocky mountains, approaching directly to the coastline, narrow straits and islands. All this leaves an unforgettable experience for a lifetime!

Malta and its archipelago

Made of many islands, only three of them are inhabited. The area is only 300 square kilometers and is bathed by deep blue Mediterranean waters. These places are not usually crowded by tourists.

La Valletta, Malta

This is the capital city of Malta. It is a city made by gentlemen for gentlemen. The Knights of St. John made this a beautiful place to visit and left behind amazing constructions. The beaches and, especially the harbor are unique and one of the best spots in the Med.

Comino and Gozo – islands of the Maltese archipelago

While yachting around Mediterranean waters, you can find some treasures; Comino and Gozo are two of them. These sister islands offer everything from the Blue Lagoon and its turquoise waters to snorkeling, scuba diving or just swimming. Dropping anchors in either of them is definitely worth it.