Riva 68 ‘Diable: temptation and delight


Riva 68 ‘Diable: temptation and delight

Riva 68 ‘Diable: temptation and delight

Riva 68 ‘Diable: temptation and delight

The Italian shipyard Riva showed renderings of the new 20 meters long model in the Open class. According to the company, the 68 ‘Diable is destined to become the diamond in the line of open yachts up to 70 feet, replacing the similarly sized Ego Super. This project, like the other Rivas, was designed by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta of Officina Italiana Design, in collaboration with the engineering department of the Ferretti Group.

Elegance, dynamism and comfort are the basis of the project. It embraces technological and design innovations imbued with a love for tradition and detail that are the hallmark of the brand today. The story of each new Riva yacht is a journey back to the origins of yachting and an incomparable heritage. Each model is a technical experience and evolution that nevertheless respects the tradition and the legendary style of the brand.


As always, the shipyard pays special attention to ergonomics on board, so the Riva 68 ‘Diable will be no exception. The new shape of the hardtop has clean lines. In addition, it is designed in such a way as to not only protect the center of the yacht, including the dining area and helm station on the main deck, but also to hide all technical components. A sunroof with a two-way opening mechanism adds extra pleasure while walking.

In the cockpit, you can find two sunbeds at once: a chaise longue by the water and a mattress, which is shaded along with the dining area using an automatic awning built into the hardtop. The bow of the boat also promises to be innovative in terms of space arrangement.


The lower deck has a classic layout, but it also turned out to be very comfortable. The master cabin is located in the wide part of the deck, on the port side there is a suite with two single beds and a VIP cabin in the bow. Each cabin has its own bathroom, and they revolve around a common versatile space with a kitchen and a small lounge.

With two MAN V12s of 1550 hp each maximum speed will be 37 knots and cruising speed will be 33. With an optional more powerful pair of 1650 hp engines. the yacht will accelerate to 40 and 34 knots. The Riva 68 ‘Diable is slated to launch in the summer of 2021.