Riva and the cinema


Riva and the cinema

Riva and the cinema

Riva and the cinema

In the midst of the Cannes Film Festival, let’s remember the legendary Italian mahogany Riva boats that can be seen in the masterpieces of world cinema.

Welcome onboard and stock up on popcorn.

The first article is dedicated to the Italian shipyard of luxury boats Riva. Over the 178-year history of its existence, Riva has taken over the cinema, appearing in a variety of blockbusters with world-famous stars since the middle of the last century. No wonder, combining traditional style and modern technical characteristics, these boats harmoniously fit into pictures, where the director’s idea involves showing the status, taste, style and wealth of their characters. In a classic runabout, made in wooden cladding, both the sex symbol of the 40s Clark Gamble and the women idol, Chris Hemsworth, could ride with a breeze. There is an overview where you can meet variety of films where Riva has become an integral part of the movie scenes.

Le mépris (1963)

The dramatic film with the inimitable Brigitte Bordeaux in the main role tells the story of a love triangle in which the actors experience the whole spectrum of doomed and contemptuous feelings for each other. Those who don’t really like drama might be discouraged while watching the movie, but Bardo’s beauty on the Capri neutralizes any boredom. When she sits over the Riva’s board and goes deep into the Gulf of Naples, it seems that mankind will not come up with a more harmonious picture. The only sad thing is that this magic moment did not last long.

Manon 70 (1968)

Five years later the unsurpassed Catherine Deneuve entered the rivalry with Brigitte Bardot. The twists and turns of love in this French drama were as thrilling as the sea rocking the wooden Riva with seething and frothy waves of the Côte d’Azur. Although the film failed, not collecting a large box office and many rave reviews, it gave us Catherine, who cuts thru the waves on the legendary product of the elite Italian shipbuilding industry.

Deadlier than the Male (1967)

Deadlier than the Male is a British painting in a James Bond style. The main character, an imposing middle-aged man, fights two no less attractive criminals who are armed with firearms, hypodermic and paralyzing injections, skillfully placed time bombs in apartments and cigars loaded with bullets. The plot unfolds in the struggle for Saudi oil. Absolute madness combined with humor, stylish characters and beautiful landscapes will plunge the viewer into the incredible atmosphere of the mid-20th century. And, of course, there were a couple of Riva boats plying the picturesque expanses of the Ligurian Sea in northern Italy. True, due to an unfortunate coincidence of circumstances, one of them mercilessly explodes at the very end of the film, but what sacrifices you will not make for the sake of art!

For Your Eyes Only (1981)

Worth saying that Riva is not uncommon for the Bond film itself. Exclusive boats appear in different parts of the movie where James Bond was played by the inimitable Robert Moore, and later, in 1995, it meets in the “Golden Eye” with the young handsome Pierce Brosnan in the main role. And even later, Riva appears in the movie “Casino Royale”, where 007 was played by Daniel Craig. Over time the relevance of the exquisite gloss of vintage Riva only gains momentum. And the release of films about the super agent, from the 60s to the present day with its participation only confirms this.

Nikita (1990)

“Nice boat. Redwood!”, – says one of Luc Besson’s heroes, sitting on the boat in the middle of the Venetian canal. Nikita and her companion’s trip to Venice begins with Riva Ariston and it is impossible to argue that it is beautiful.

The Italian Job (2003)

The action of the first part of the Hollywood action movie “The Italian Job” takes place in Venice, the Italian capital of canoes, single-deck small boats and small cruisers. Therefore, it would be surprising if Riva never flashed and delighted the eyes of the audience. Here it happened in the stellar company of Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Jason Statham and Edward Norton.

Ocean’s Twelve (2004)

Riva has been synonymous with “status” for more than a decade, and its name often flashes alongside the brands Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Cartier. It is natural that Riva Aquariva appears in the sequel to the cult Ocean’s Eleven in the episode where the action takes place on Lake Como. By the way, George Clooney, who played the main character in the film, bought the same boat for himself shortly after filming, celebrated his wedding on it and later starred in an ad for the Swiss watch brand Omega.

Killers (2010)

An easy and non-trivial plot plus a bright duet of Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl, multiplied by stylish and elite places in the south of France, give us a pleasant looking picture that can brighten up a romantic or family evening. And the Aquariva plowing the open spaces of the Cote d’Azur and cutting along the coastal mountain serpentines Ferrari from the first seconds of the film make it clear that the producers did not spare the budget for the film.

Men in Black: International (2019)

A fairly fresh film, a spin-off to the already classic film about super-agents who save the planet from intergalactic terrorists and space monsters, was released two years ago. The movie got average ratings and reviews from film critics, mainly for predictable plot and mediocre direction. However, it is worth watching, if only for Chris Hemsworth, who is sailing across the sea in a brand new Riva. You can endlessly look at fire, water and how other people work. But this little episode can also be added to the list.